1938. A young Jewish couple, Fryda and Natek, meet at a popular resort in southern Poland. Fryda dreams of finding the right man. Natek wants to be a famous Olympic bicycle racer; or rich ... at least as his brother, Berek. Hitler dreams of a new world order, with no Jews. As the Germans invade Poland in 1939, the extermination begins. “In the Vise of Evils” tells the harrowing and nearly miraculous story of how Natek, his fiancée, Fryda, his brothers, Berek and Reuven, and two friends, escape from the Nazis' malevolent claws straight into the Soviets’ vicious jaws. The group is arrested, crammed into boxcars, and sent on their one-way voyage to hell. Two years after the brutal arrest and death camp confinement, Stalin finally submits to amnesty of selected Polish subjects. Read more

About Kalman Kivkovich

Kalman Kivkovich is a retired architect, an artist, author and playwright.  Born in Kazakhstan in 1945, Kalman has lived in Poland, Israel, Italy, and—since 1973, in the U.S.  His first nonfiction work, “Nuovo Modello: Università Suddivisa in Nuclei,” was published in Italy in 1975. His first play, In the Vise of Evils, based on the book, was awarded Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative’s highest honor and unprecedented two performances in 2007. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

Monday, August 1, 1938. In Będzin, a small city in southwestern Poland, Fryda Kornfeld was about to take a lengthy summer vacation to go to the mountainous Zakopane on the Polish-Czechoslovakian border. Read more

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